RoundKick Audio Muay Thai

“What is RAMT?”

What is RAMT?

RAMT is a ½ hour audio workout, specific to Muay Thai, but can be done by kickboxers, Muay Thai athletes, and even general fitness enthusiasts, from the brand new beginner to the veteran competitive athlete. This is the only fitness program, currently available, that is focused on complete Muay Thai striking. RAMT is chocked full of benefits. Here are a few:

  • No gear needed (although you can check out our Pro Shop for recommended gear like heavy bags and gloves.)
  • No gym needed (although it is perfect for a class in the gym, RAMT can be done any place, like in your home, in your yard or at a park. All you need is your cell phone, and log in to RAMT and begin your workout).
  • Built for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and the veteran fighter.
  • Video tutorials, on the website, explaining the program.
  • Affordable (costs less than a Netflix subscription).
  • Easy to learn (Progression tracks allow the beginner to build skill).
  • Dynamic (The MashUp Tracks resemble a coach calling commands, from the corner, to the fighter).
  • Customizable (Right from the start you have 30+ tracks to choose from, each a ½ hour long. You can do more than one track. Each month, new tracks will be added.

Our Mission

The mission behind the RAMT Workout is not just to provide a workout product/service. It is MUCH more!  We want to create a RAMT community/culture with everyone learning, growing, and sweating together.  

We will set up RAMT contests and challenges. These will be both individual competitions, as well as, gyms vs. gyms.  We will have prizes, awards, incentives, etc etc. Winners will be highlighted on our social media platforms.  We will set up group RAMT workouts, via ZOOM, on a monthly basis. The list goes on.

Welcome to the RAMT Movement!