Progression Intro – Video Tutorials

The Progression rounds are designed for a beginner to “progress” into varied entries (Prefix) and finishes (Suffix).  Both the beginner, as well as, the seasoned fighter, can benefit from the Progression rounds. They are structured so that a beginner to Muay Thai can learn, and progress, and both the beginner and veteran can get a GREAT half hour workout.

The Progression rounds are formatted similar to an English sentence structure, with a 

The Main Body will be Boxing Combinations.
These will consist of a jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and liver shot. When the command is a “ONE” the punch is a Jab. A command “TWO” the combination is a Jab and Cross. A command “THREE” is a Jab, Cross, Hook. A command “FOUR” is a Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross.  All other commands are called by their name. So this is applicable for both right and left handed athletes.  Note: Some commands will be called out as “ONE” while other times it will be called out as a “JAB”. Both of these are a Jab regardless if the command is a ONE or a JAB. 

The Prefix will be one of four techniques: Leg Block, Scoop, Evade or teep. (CLICK ON TUTORIAL BELOW TO WATCH EXPLANATION/DEMONSTRATION)
Unlike the Suffix, the Prefix will not be automatic. You will throw the Prefix only when given the command. So, if the round is for example: “Teep + Boxing + Knee” and the command is Cross-Hook-Cross… You will throw your Cross, Hook, Cross and follow with the Knee. If the command is Teep-Cross-Hook-Cross. Then you will begin with the Teep (you choose which leg you’d like to use) then the Cross, Hook, Cross and follow with the knee (you choose which knee you’d like to use).

Prefix: Leg Block TutorialPrefix: Scoop TutorialPrefix: Evade TutorialPrefix: Teep Tutorial
Click on the link above to watch the tutorial.

The Suffix will be one of FOUR techniques: Elbow, Knee, Roundkick OR TEEP (Click on tutorial below to watch explanation/demonstration)
The Suffix will be thrown automatically after every Main Body command. So for example: if the round is “Boxing + Roundkick” and the command is “THREE”  You will throw a Jab, Cross, Hook and follow with a Roundkick (which leg you choose).  If the command is “TWO and a THREE”  then you will throw both of those consecutively Jab,Cross and Jab, Cross, Hook and THEN throw the Roundkick. The command may be a THREE and a Cross Liver Shot…so you throw your Jab, Cross, Hook and Cross, Liver shot, then throw the Roundkick.

Suffix: Elbow TutorialSuffix: Knee TutorialSuffix: Roundkick TutorialSuffix: Teep Tutorial
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Click on the link above to watch the tutorial.